An Out Of Balance Life #153.

Balance The Scales Of Life Or Be Relegated To One Where Areas Are Heavily Focused While Others Are Heavily Neglected.

Life, love, relationships, work, business, family all need some semblance of balance. And if you live a life dedicated to focus on all these things you must find a way to juggle your time between them. You’ll have to be the judge of what takes precedence. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How you wish to spend it is up to you.

First Question Is What Are Your Goals?

If your main goal is to get ahead in business and you don’t care to have a family. Then you need not worry yourself with time dedicated to such endeavors and you can focus wholly on your ambitious pursuits. The Scales will remain out of balance for good reason, you chose it.

However if your goal is family you will have to find ways to focus on that as well as providing for them. However if you neglect family in pursuit of financial security for said family and you lose the family due to such neglect. What was the point in that pursuit?

Always make sure you are continuing to balance the scales otherwise you can lose more then you might gain. Be sure to communicate your desires with your partner as well as listening too and meeting your partners needs. Make sure everyone is working towards meeting each other’s bliss points.

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

If your spouse is more concerned about financial security but also wants quality time together make sure it’s communicated and understood that these two things can sometimes conflict with each other. What is your priority and what is your partners?

Find Your Balance.

All relationships need balance. If one person is carrying the weight of both individuals, it cannot be maintained indefinitely. And when the bond breaks its hard to mend. I recently read a great quote that relationships are like strings, once broken they can be mended but there remains a knot at the break. How many knots can be tied before a string becomes a worthless ball that has been wound too tight? Or the alternative two separate strings? Maintain balance and worry will be a foregone after thought.

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