Remaining Ignorant #148.

Remaining Ignorant Is Bliss. Or Is It?

It’s a fact, the truth can sometimes be painful. And we will at times want to avoid it at all cost. The truth can sometimes paint an ugly grotesque picture of the world around us. Remaining ignorant insulates us for that. But with that same stroke of the brush it can create a beautifully enlightened image as well. It’s a far more valuable position to be in the know. And you will be in a better state to help others as well.

Ignorance Sometimes Feels So Safe

Like nothing can harm us there. Everything is blissful, like you’re riding a gum drop train on a rainbow to Idiotsville. While you and your fellow passengers admire the vacancy of realism around. All the while staying numb to the facts we left behind us in the real world.

We’re like new born babies, happily blind to our ignorance and content in not knowing. Not a care in the world. No cheating significant others live there, no neglectful parents, no war, no genocide, no famine, no environmental disasters approach us there, the list goes on and on.

Photo by Klemen Vrankar on Unsplash

And often times it’s far more fun to visit that land of make believe. But we cannot remain there forever. Growth only comes from when we are in the knowing. Sometimes we can achieve phenomenal new learning experiences just by digging deeper into our own long held beliefs.

Breaking Free From Ignorance.

I was fortunate enough to have such an experience. A child of special needs recently came into my life. A wonderful child who is non verbal autistic. All the information I was privy to before told me that the child may not advance much past a two year old mentality.

Only after doing research I became blown away to discover that most likely hiding behind an autistic facade. Is a child just like any other kid with the same mental capacities. And what is actually happening behind that facade is not necessarily a mental disorder. Its a brain body disconnect where the body does not obey what the mind tells it to do. These children are literally locked into a malfunction body while professionals give them little chance.

Therapy That Works.

What they need is not speech therapy but a way they can actually communicate and Somo’s RPM (rapid prompting method) has proven to work. With extensive training pointing to letters on a letterboard they were able to find their “voice.” I was enthralled by all the non verbal autistic authors who were considered “low functioning.” Who now communicate there high intelligence with the world at large.

If you want to dig deeper yourself read Ido Kedar’s “In Two World’s” or his blog. Check out videos by Carly Fleischmann. Or read Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay. All these people, once written off by society are major contributors to educating others about how truly valuable individuals with special needs can be.

True Bliss.

This is just a small sample of how my previous ignorance to a situation got in the way of understanding the plight of other individuals. Think of the enormous amount of information out there that we remain ignorant to. Let’s refuse to stay unintelligibly ignorant. Let’s learn, grow and always be looking for ways to help others. That’s where true bliss resides.

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