The Fear Of Missing Out (Blowing It Scenario #164)

It’s A Easy Fix, If Have A Fear Of Missing Out On Something. Simply Change What You Desire Or That Which You Value Most.

Easier said than done most will say. Some might even fear change itself. That’s a very tough predicament to find yourself in, with all those elevated levels of fear. For those of you who are fearful of many things, such as fear of missing out, or the fear of change. There is a solution and its not glamorous.

Fear Of Missing Out
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Routine Is Your Salvation.

No magic pills just hard work. Embrace that which you are most afraid to change. Lean into that fear, make the change. Do it day in and day out and just never stop doing it till it becomes habitual. You won’t even have to think about it. Tough at first but second nature after a period of time and repetition. It may take a month to build the new habit or a lifetime of focus. It really comes down to how you view it. If you feel its a struggle, it will be one. However, if you feel you are working on mastering your mind and body. It will be a trans-formative and enjoyable experience.

A friend of mine who struggles with drug usage. Reached out to another friend of mine who struggles with enabling in help through financial means.

The drug user friend knows exactly who to reach out to get the form of “help” he needs, usually financial. And he’ll tug on their heart strings with messages like “I’m homeless can you help” or “I’m out of gas and need money.” Many generous friends have given this individual a lot of money over the years. Only to watch him squander it on drugs and gambling.

How To Change.

These friends now know after thousands of dollars spent trying to help. That their contribution isn’t helpful at all. In fact it has the adverse effect and the only thing that will help this individual is change. Change he is afraid to make but it’s supremely necessary.

Change Your Environment.

First he’ll need to change his environment, ditch the people closet to you. Negative “friends” will drag you down with them given the opportunity and misery loves company. He needs to get them completely out of his life. Then work on changing habits, desires and values. You would have to desire change and not just spare change for the next fix, actual change. Which I believe most people want.

Guide Your Actions, Make It Emotional.

Here is how the drug user could help himself. Wake up every morning at the exact same time. Wake at 6 am, then workout, then write a journal about your recovery. Full of emotion and feeling and how you are going to make that one day better than the last. If you want, post it online to help other individuals in their recovery. Eat a healthy natural breakfast full of fruits and vegetables, eat that throughout the day. Go to work, if you can’t find work, volunteer.

Just keep yourself from being idle throughout the day. As the saying goes idle hands are the devils tools. It’s a very true statement, if you don’t have productive activity that’s where bad things find root. And don’t just vacantly say you will do these things, do them because in the famous words of John D. Rockefeller, “words without deeds are like a garden full weeds.” Lastly set a sleep time and routine for every evening, stick to it religiously. This is the way to help that friend, he has to help himself.

I’ll say it again routine is the salvation. He may not understand it, and he may not recognize it right now. But he is already in a negative pattern, a negative routine, it’s a cycle. He has a fear of missing out, and he’s afraid to change. But if you fear missing out on night life or drinks and doing drugs, change your desires.


Make sleep the choice you prioritize, something you are unwilling to miss out on. Value moments throughout your day with friends. Take that time to create things, rather then consume or simply enjoy great conversation. Make a good cut off time every evening for alone wind down time and ultimately bed time.

Value your time alone, don’t feel that you always need to be in company. And when you are in company make the best of it. Just choose better desires and better values. Than continue to act on those and life will change for the better around you.

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