“Reality” Dating Shows And Online Dating #209

There Is Nothing Real About Either Online Dating Or Reality Show Dating.

Online Dating
Photo by Gregory Hayes on Unsplash

It’s all just a facade. Only the surface is shown in online dating. No flaws, no problematic areas. Just this perfect fake representation of ourselves. Than our shows on the same subject that claim to be “reality” paint us this fairy tale image. Date as many people as possible in a short span, weed out the riff raff and you will find your prince or princess charming. How has that worked out for anyone? I believe it’s almost near a 100% failure rate.

We Are Our Own Human Resource Manager.

You need time with people you need to experience all what they have to offer and learn to except them. Online dating is just another job you have to take on. You become your own human resources manager shifting through all the resumes. All of which I’m sure have a striking resemblance to all other applications. Because everyone is only exposing the surface. Their best foot forward in order to get that foot into the door.

A Waste Of Time And Energy?

So we’ll waste time and energy picking and choosing those best possible “resumes.” Throwing out all those we deem unsuitable for the job. I honestly don’t know how people do it. But some out there have mastered this job search. They get their interview and often close the very same evening. I’m not sure where the self respect lines are drawn but those who have little get taken advantage of quite easily.

Is This Reality?

Hell the best of the best at this job get on T.V. to showcase their craft on “reality” dating shows. And we buy into that skewed fairy tale image. It all just seems so fake to me. But than again I’m cynical and prefer kismet relationships started by chance meeting, to the new normal of online dating. There really isn’t a wrong way. Good luck to all who participate, I hope everyone gets to find their one.

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