Blowing It Scenario #31-Pet Food Companies Supplier Blows It By Contaminating Canned Dog Food With Deadly Drug

Pentobarbital, A Sedative That Is Also Used To Euthanize Animals, Was Found In Canned Dog Food, Forcing A Recall.

Sometimes you can’t even trust the food you feed your pet. And if you’re the manufacturer of pet food, sometime you can’t even trust your suppliers. A number of canned dog food brands were recalled this week went it was found the contained the deadly sedative. The food and drug administration has since lead an evaluation and determined it was at very low levels unlikely to harm your pets.

However what if this happened to baby food or your canned soups. We put far too much trust in our over chemicalized food industry. Everything we eat is over processed and under nourishing. A study also came out this week that processed foods have the greatest link to the causing of cancers within our own bodies. The food we eat is literally killing us slowly. They don’t even need to give us the deadly sedative dog food treatment. The poison is already in the foods and approved by the FDA. And we willingly purchase it and enjoy it because lets be honest those food chemist really know how to activate our taste buds and ignite our desire to crave more of what’s bad for us. Unless your a monk living in a monastery isolated from all worldly pleasures. Then you too have partook in the many joyous flavors and sensations over processed and over preserved food has bestowed upon our stores shelves.

It’s incredibly hard to resist even fully knowing that the foods we eat can give us cancer, heart disease and every other health ailment you can list. Our health care bills continue to grow. Yet we keep chugging along on the same path to destruction. It’s only when poison is found in pet food that we receive a blip on the radar that says, “hey, maybe all this mass produced food isn’t all that good for us after all.” However, it’s a fleeting notion, one that will usually pass with the next big bag of fried chips or the frozen t.v. dinner.

At least their is hope, we know from failure there often comes success. The company responsible for the dog food mishap has since isolated it to one supplier and I’m sure have since installed new safety measures to prevent anything like this happening in the future. As for the people who want to get there health in line maybe they will begin to start avoiding the hazards of processed foods and maybe even begin to implement a healthy eating regiment filled with all natural foods. They will most likely stubble and fail along the way but just always remember the alternative. The over processed chemical filled foods you think nourishes you now, could very well be the source that’s poisoning you. Isolate it and remove it.

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