Blowing It Scenario #52-The Massive Failure Of Parents With Multiple Hate Filled Children

At What Point Do You Arrest The Parents For Crimes Against Humanity That Their Children Carry Out?

I wish there was such a point, their is not. Look, sometime parents just draw the short straw and end up with a nightmare of a child through no fault of their own. Then their are other times when the parents simply created the monster. With their indoctrination of hate filled speech constantly resonating throughout the house. Usually a parent can play it off if they have only the one demon spawn. They’ll say something like, “I didn’t know he was like this, he never displayed this type of animosity before.” Or we did everything we could to raise him right. Other times you know the parents are fully at fault. That seems to be the case in the Roof household.

What kind of psychopath walks into a church of another race, sits down with the fellow church goers, gun in hand, talks briefly with the loving group and then proceeds to kill every single person in the room. Then fast forward to today where the sister of this individual takes to social media to actively insult the same people of the opposite race. Then roots for those people to be shot and killed for walking out of school to protest the very weapon her brother used to ruthlessly, cowardly, unapologetically kill multiple people. Then she is caught with weapons herself.

At what point do we finally point the finger at the parents and say this is your doing? You need to pay for these crimes. It’s really too bad we couldn’t remove those children from that environment long before the damage was done. That’s simply not how the system works. Bad parents go unpunished all the time and their children are left to carry on their hate and unrealized negative potential. If you see a kid struggling, help them, maybe the home they live in isn’t conducive to growth. And just maybe we can catch it before it’s too late. It’s not all a loss for those poor children who grow in such a place. Their are still great teachers and educators out there that care about the kids, even when now one else does. Hopefully they can be a guiding light in those darkest households.

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