Over Catering To Consumers. Avoiding Failure #236.

The Customer Is Not Always Right. And We Need To Stop Over Catering To Consumers. For All Our Long Term Benefit.

When you have the Walmart’s and Amazon’s and The Uber’s and Lyft’s of this world over catering to consumers. It creates a distorted understanding of the true cost it takes to get products or services into our hands. Same goes for our food supply and large monopolistic suppliers. Small farmers are dropping like flies under mountains of debt because the pricing structure is far too skewed for them to survive.

When you only have a dominant few supplying all of our goods and services. Who are able to off set loses by borrowing billions of dollars. And who are able to pass on a price far below true market value in order to stomp out competition. It shifts the balance from the many to the few who have that access. And since this is the current model you have everyone bending over backwards to appease the consumers needs at a near loss and sometimes a loss to themselves. Instead of competing to create the most value we’re instead competing for losses. At the cost of the smaller business who actually has to pay true value for their offerings.

Over Catering To Consumers
Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Sure we as consumers are passed the saving in some of our groceries and products and services we use. And getting anything has never been more convenient. We can argue that this is a good thing, we as consumers are winning but are we really? We don’t take into account cost of living has increased ten fold so we need the products we consume at the lowest possible rate.

What is the cost of that convenience? If a large company gouges its suppliers only to pass the the savings to the consumer. The producers will eventually stop producing. If cost of goods is below what it takes to get those goods into your hands there is a fundamental flaw in economic model. Quality suffers and only the small few own the market. Yet we’re all still in this race to lower. Big business needs to stop selling 100 dollar bills at 50 dollars a piece and price accordingly.

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