Not Addressing Trauma. Failure #225.

Many Experience Painful Trauma, Usually At A Very Early Age. And The Way It Manifests Itself In Your Life Can Have Profound Consequences. This Is Why It Must Be Addressed.

First and foremost if you have ever experienced any trauma in life and want to confront it. I highly recommend reading “The Body Keeps The Score.” The book although quite heavy at times and highly poignant, is a tremendous resource in recovery. And seeking to repair pass tragedy. It walks you through some of the most extensive traumas one can face and the therapies to help combat it and recover from it.

We’ll discuss some of the possibly life saving techniques in this article. But that book was written by a trauma specialist who has decades of research and work in the field. He is the expert and if you want a deeper understanding I recommend reading it.

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It’s written to show how the worst of the worst can still come back from the brink. If you find the stories triggering or too much to bear this article will not delve into the back stories only the therapies. In order to move in the right direction. Just always remember no matter how bad you think you have it. Someone out there probably had it worse and they were able to recover.

Heart Variability Training

One of the best do it yourself therapies that will cost you nothing more then focused time is Heart Variability Training or HRV. This consist of using your breathing to change up your heart rate variances. Which ultimately effects your brain and your entire physiology.

Breathing deep controlled breaths has such a profound effect on the hypothalamus which controls all stimuli and triggers that were exposed too. So much of the lower brain can be manipulated by this easily accessible technique. Start with training you body to maintain 6 deep breaths per minute. My favorite for sleep assistance to get back to sleep when the mind begins to wander. Breath in for 6 seconds, hold for 1, breath out for 8 seconds, hold for 1, repeat that at least 6 times.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

EMDR is an incredible treatment that has profound affects on trauma. More so than just about any drug on the market. When I describe it’s simplicity its mind blowing that this therapy is as effective as it is. Essentially it is waking rapid eye movement therapy.

Rapid eye movement is a necessary part of sleep to repair and strengthen the brain. This treatment takes that physical aspect of sleep and brain repair and applies it to therapy while awake. A therapist while ask you questions relating to your trauma all the while keeping your eyes focused on a quickly moving object. This allows the brain to reprocess traumatic events into manageable acceptance. Usually this therapy takes around 10 sessions to begin to see profound changes.

Acting, Yoga, Massage, And Body Tapping Therapy.

As you get further into breaking down trauma. You begin realize that it is all connected to the body. The body does in fact keep the score and through the body we can work to even that score. A few of those ways are listed above. Acting has proven to have a positive psychological impact. By going through the motions of a healthy confidant individual you begin to take on that persona. Yoga not only helps with body movement it also incorporates controlled breathing which in turn effects your HRV. Massage is similar in affecting and alleviating tension held in certain parts of the body. Tapping Therapy focuses on tapping 9 different acupressure points while restructuring your trauma.

All of these different therapies can be highly trans-formative. Try them all, find one that works best for you. Just remember trauma tends to be cyclical. And usually happens to the young and the helpless. Protect those that can’t protect themselves. Don’t repeat your traumas on other individuals. End the cycles and seek help.

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