Never Throw A Rock Over An Overpass #187.

A woman sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle. Was killed in Texas on Saturday from a rock flying through her windshield. While her and her family were driving home along the highway.

The rock was thrown from an overpass. This one should be a no-brainer. Who in the right mind throws a rock over a highway overpass? Maybe you don’t think it will hurt anyone or go through a windshield but even still what would be the point of throwing a rock over an overpass? Unless you were trying to injure someone. Or if you were just trying to do some destruction. Either way it’s 1000% the wrong move.

Rock On Overpass
Photo by Aaron Munoz on Unsplash

Now this 33 year old mother of three will never be around to raise her children. Those kids lost their mother right in front of their eyes and for what? was it a prank a joke did they not intend to harm anyone?

An Avoidable Accident.

It’s a very avoidable circumstance, a failure that should never happened. Maybe it was wrong place at the wrong time. But if you’re just driving home on the highway you shouldn’t have to worry about projectiles exploding through your windshield. That’s not the wrong place that’s someone who is making a terrible decision. Rocks simply shouldn’t fall from the sky and crash through your windshield.

I hope this individual comes forward and apologizes even though no amount of apologies can take back the damage that’s been done. They will also need to serve time for their crime. Because this is essentially a homicide. Maybe it’s also time we improve car windshields. Possibly make them with a clear plastic.

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