Listening To Depressing Music #192.

The Entire Spectrum Of Human Emotion Is Written Into Music And Songs.

I highly suggest avoiding the depressing songs as much as possible. As we sing along to the music it becomes somewhat of a lyrical mantra. We repeat the words and phrases of someone who maybe in a dark place. And as we sing along we can just as easily send ourselves to that dark place along side them.

Sometimes the ones who are struggling the most emotionally have the deepest most profound writing.

Art Is Beautiful.

It’s attractive at first even catchy but trust me the longer you listen the more you’re drawn in. We all somewhat tend to adopt the emotional, physical and mental state of the artist we follow. When we act that way, is it art attracting like minds or do desires attract the art? Is it the violent individual that follows violent music or does the music influence violence. Possibly a bit of both, I’m sure they fuel each others fire. Same goes for all emotions in music. Mellow music for mellow individuals. Love music for romantics.

Depressing Music
Listening To Depressing Music

Types Of Melancholic Music.

If you listen to artist like Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith, Frightened Rabbit. Or any other group or singer who have taken their own lives you can hear and feel their pain. You may even begin to empathize them and begin to participate in that pain. They were all great artist but I highly recommend if you’re going to listen to them, please do so sparingly.

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