Blowing It Scenario #41-Jon Jones Is Both Fined And Has His Fighting License Revoked For Steroid Use, Again

When Will Jon Jones Learn He Has To Be More Accountable And Not Let Those Around Him Do Everything For Him.

This situation, banned from the sport he loves, may help that. Part of me really feels for the guy, he seems really sincere in his regret. Another part of me is angry with the guy. No longer will we be able to watch one of the greatest fighters of all time display his magnificent skills in the octagon. And then another part of me is just plain dumbfounded by the incredible amount of ignorance that goes into screwing yourself over this many times.

This is now his third separate time he has been suspended for a drug related incident. The self sabotage is paramount in this mans career. Each time he comes back, he seems a better person and a better fighter. In his returns he always puts on a display that brilliantly shows how to come back from adversity but it’s all a mirage. Twice now he has been suspended for steroid use, or another way to put it, performance enhancing drugs. Both these times were during his comebacks. First from his DUI suspension and second from his steroid use suspension. After three times it begs the question have you learned anything other then how to be plea for forgiveness?

It’s truly a shame too because when you fall from grace this way you are banned from the very thing that can give you redemption. Mainly redemption in the sport you love. However redemption in life is not off limits. He can pursue that full force in his spare time, by giving back, volunteering, educating others on the mistakes he has made and how to avoid them. The are so many ways he can give back to the community and if he pursues that. Then just maybe one day he will be given the chance again to show to the world that he has truly overcame all his setbacks and┬áhas taken full ownership of his failings. Then the day may come, when he gets his chance to display his talents again.┬áThat doesn’t necessarily mean in fighting, it may just be a new found talent. And when he gets there, he just may come out a winner on the other side.

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