How Is It That We Still Use Air Filled Rubber Tires For Our Vehicles #189?

There Has To Be A Better Solution.

Ahh damn the dreaded low tires pressure light comes on again. What is it this time? Nail, screw, shards of glass? I guess just be lucky it wasn’t a complete blowout on the highway then you’d really be shit out of luck. Or worse flipped over on the side of the road.

Why is it, we still use and rely on a 1/2 inch thick piece of rubber filled with air to drive us from point A to point b? Have we ever attempted to engineer a new type of wheel one that doesn’t require air to fill it? How is it possible that rubber tires have dominated the wheel industry for a century and yet advancements in technology can’t create a new never flat tire? Possibly a honeycomb like structure that requires no air and it’s still flexible and doesn’t pop at the most inopportune moments.

Photo by Imthaz Ahamed on Unsplash

Too Many Flat Tires.

Every time you get a sharp object lodged in the rubber of your tire it’s another trip to your local tire shop requiring hours. They will sometimes fix it for free, the only cost you is hours out of your day. Yet often they find that it’s not repairable and you need a new tire sometimes even new sets of tires all because one little sharp object or the rubber has worn off in just a year of driving.

Who Has An Alternative Answer?

It’s pretty ridiculous that we haven’t found an alternative yet. Is it due to Monopoly in the rubber tire manufacturing industry or is it an area that lacks focus and doesn’t have any innovation for the future? Or is it due to economics? If people’s tires always continue to wear out and they continue to purchase new ones when they do. That there is a client for life and you always have reoccurring financials.

My point here is that we need to find alternatives, we need innovation to invent new wheels, more durable tires. We need more competition in that arena. So in the future we needn’t worry when we run over the next nail.

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