Harmless Addictions. Avoiding Blowing It #244.

It’s Sometimes The Harmless Addictions That Control Our Actions The Most.

The things we deem harmless addictions. Are often some of the most insidious because we don’t see them as a threat to health or well being. But they control us in the sneakiest of ways.

Harmless Additions

These addictions often start deep within childhood because of there worry free nature. You might think, what harm could this have on a child? Everyone does it. You might want to entertain them by always allowing them to watch television. Or keep them happy, alive and well fed with food. Food is one of the most dangerous addictions. And food choice can have an even bigger impact. Because we need it to survive, we literally have to eat. But it’s what we eat and the amount that can turn into a powerful addition that goes from harmless to harmful.

Television is an addiction of distraction, it’s so easy to space out for hours on mindless series. It seems harmless because nearly everyone does it. It’s rare you don’t go over to someone else’s house and they don’t have a television. Some can resist it’s sirens song but if you grew up heavily influenced by it. It’s an addiction that has turned harmful and has the power to now destroy ambition and derail you from your goals.

Now instead of television we have phones tablets and computers. The new screen addiction is far worse because they can get their fix at anytime of day or night in some instances. Strong limitations will be key to it not developing into a problem. Or channeling these harmless additions into ones of productivity. Coding classes and educational programs. Make technology the tool it was intended for, never a crutch for distraction. Always be learning on these distraction devices. And if they have too much power over you get rid of them all together.

Never get to the point of diminishing returns. If your investment in anything, be it time, health, or attention. Whatever your giving it to. If it begins depleting that time, health and attention it’s time to strongly consider removing it from your life. Always remember all addictions begin out ever so harmless.

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