Elevated Stress Levels. Avoiding Failure #233.

When Tempers Increase And Stress Levels Rise. That’s The Time To Become The Calm. Decrease And Defuse Rather Than Elevate With It.

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

Breathe deep for this will being a trying exercise of patience. But breath work can be the strongest weapon against the rise of stress. Sometimes the hardest thing in a escalated field of this negative energy can be the come down. More often then not we tend to continue the escalation and pass it on to others who might in turn pass it on to even more. And so the chain will grow unless you decide to not give into that energy and be the strength and calm healing energy that will end the cycle and restore peaceful homeostasis to your environment.

It is not always accomplished in the environment you are currently in either. Sometimes we just need to step away, find solitude, and count our blessing. To find our happy place of gratitude. And most importantly breathe deep. If we can’t step away, focus on your breathing. Count long inhales and longer exhales.

Escape within your mind to a peaceful place. And radiate that inner world to your outer world. And watch as the wave of calm energy overtakes that which was once a heightened sense of anger fear frustration and stress wash away from others as well as yourself. The more you stay in this state the easier it will become to languish in it for longer periods of time. To the point you begin to except all stressful situations and know that you not only have the tools to keep yourself in that peaceful state but you can create a space that draws others into calm as well.

Lastly if you know a topic is triggering to you or a situation is going to increase stress related chemicals throughout your body. Avoid those topics and situations. If you find yourself up in arms about certain subjects don’t broach those subjects. Just learn to keep the peace and stay at peace. You’ll thank yourself and so will everyone else around you. You’ll become others prozac.

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