Blowing It Scenario #92-Believing Arguments Are Healthy For A Relationship.

Arguments Are Simply Two Wills Unrelenting.

Communication is key. And not some failed attempt to communicate through sheer force of will. An argument is an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one. Yet, I’ve heard this statement a thousand times. People will say, “it’s healthy to argue in a relationship, you should only worry when the arguing stops and your no longer fighting.” I think this line of thinking is that of the truly unhealthy relationships. They say misery loves company and maybe that’s why people will stress that fact that arguments are healthy for a relationship. Arguments always must have a readily available counterpart. And if it’s not there, they’ll happily move on to the next unsuspecting victims. Don’t always give in to the temptation to fight and you be able to avoid some of the pitfalls. Because arguments tend to end relationship faster and with more ferocity than any other form of interaction. And all it takes is just one. One poorly placed word or phrase released in the heat of the moment can send the entire house of cards crumbling down.

Healthy communication is what we should strive for. Talk out your similarities and difference long before you even get to the point of a heated debate. Work to open those lines first. And you’ll be well on your way to a healthy happy relationship.

Arguments still do happen though, and if you get to an argument that continues to escalate, you may find yourself in a moment where you may have to relent to protect the greater good. Disagreements are fine, they’re completely natural and healthy. We can’t all agree all the time but its when taken beyond the realm of sound conversation and into the chasms of argumentative anquish where you’ll see the real problems arise. It should be avoided if possible.

However maybe you have stronger foundations built over time and now you use arguments to display passion. Nothing wrong with that, if you are both on the same page with it. I guarantee in order to get to those strong foundations you had to have a deeper level of communication in the beginning. But if it happens all the time, I recommend getting back to your roots, finding why you began the relationship in the first place and get yourself back to those foundations once again. Otherwise you could be setting yourself up for defeat.

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