Blowing It Scenario #90-Carbon Dioxide Levels At Their Highest In 800,000 Years.

Congratulations Everyone, We Did It, Que The Bells And Whistles.

We reached the highest levels of CO2 in 800,000 years. It’s a cause for celebration right? Now our ever diminishing forest and acidifying oceans can get more of that sweet odorless colorless gas they breathe in so well. It’s time to really work towards solutions. We all probably be long gone before we have to face any true adversity. But this planet is a gift that we received we need to take care of it and be stewards of it for generations to come.

I’ll admit I’m very much part of the problem I’m working on this computer right now that needed to be charged before us, energy consumption. I’m doing my laundry water and high energy consumption. I drive a vehicle that averages around 20 miles to the gallon more burning of fossil fuels. I think most people would love to do their part.

It just seems that in order to do so most would have to go into debt servitude in order to afford the right things to repair the planet. We would all love to go completely clean energy. Solar panels on the house will probably set you back $40,000 a new electric car let’s be generous and say $30,000. Grow as much of your own produce which requires a lot of time and energy. Valuable time and energy. when all is said and done you could spend upwards of a hundred grand just to get squared a way. And how did you come by that income. You probably worked for it or have a business that created the profit, maybe you drove your car everyday to a massive consumption hungry business park or office. Or you relied on others, those who ran the factories and built all the things we have to make our lives a bit more easy. So much goes into that little paper towel we just threw out. I guess one of the alternatives is we could all live in tiny homes and use composting toilets and ride our bikes everywhere. But that might be a tough sell for most.

Look I’m not saying change can’t be done. I’m saying it currently cost less and is far easier to stay the course we’re presently on. Meaning we’ll most likely continue to increase our appetite for consumption. And next year we’ll have even more carbon in the atmosphere. And with that the hunger only grows stronger. The people could demand it but when power is consolidated to such a rare few. Those in power must step up and say enough is enough and do it with out getting ostracized from the power community. It’s time we work towards new solutions even if those don’t contribute to an entity making massive profits.

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