Blowing It Scenario #88-Using Atrocities As A Catalyst For Anger.

Don’t Let What Happens To Another Negatively Effect The Way You Treat Individuals.

All to often we’ll hear in the news about something negative that recently happened. Excessive police force, mass shootings, racial violence, racial profiling. These are all terrible actions and should be abolished from the general psyche but they do happen. And we’ll take these actions of a few, place them into a whole encompassing category, we’ll gather every one who’s ever been part of the system and we’ll lump them into one sum meaning. That the whole system is corrupt. Than we’ll create these group hate attacks on that system.

Only small sects of society does this but it’s highly toxic and nobody wins. Police brutality, hate the police, mass shootings, hate gun supporters, racial violence, hate the race the contributed to it, racial profiling hate the businesses and the people that perpetrated the incident. But in some cases the distinguished among us allow us an opportunity to learn from others actions and not only grow from them. They help to better society while they are at it.

This is exactly what happened when two black men were arrested in a Starbucks coffee shop just for being in there. They broke no laws and were minding their own business yet they were arrested and it was national news. Many would usually protest or call for a boycott. However, did these two gentlemen make a big scene and tell the world how unjust it is? Nope, wanted other to learn from the incident so they simply settled with the state for one whole dollar each and ask $200,000 to be donated to help high school students to develop entrepreneurial skills. And what did Starbucks do, they shut down all locations for a day to train their staff on compassionate interaction with individuals.

So many more benefited from this peaceful demonstration, then the usual go to of anger resentment and frustration of the disenfranchised. We need to encourage more actions like the ones these two gentleman displayed and have society operate with an eye for improvement especially when it seem all hope has faded.

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