Blowing It Scenario #29-Following The Sage Advice Of A Facebook Group.

A Mother Was Arrested For Feeding Their Child Bleach In Order To Cure Autism.

The scary side of ignorance runs deep in this story. One that a parent believed a facebook group touting the cure for health issues in the form of hydrochloric acid in a purified water solution. The snake oil salesmen peddling this “cure” came to market with the genius name Miracle Mineral Solution. And two that they used this “cure” on their own child. A simple google search would reveal hydrochloric acid in water is essentially bleach. What we use to kill all pretty much all living things germs, bacteria good and bad. It’s an industrial solvent and used in the human body it can in small doses eventually kill the person ingesting it. In larger doses that will action will be expedited.

We can’t believe everything we read on the internet. If you get your information from facebook, google, or even blowingit always double check your references. Once you double check them and you find yourself what you believe to be a reputable resource. Go on to double check the creator of that resource. What are their credentials? What makes them an authority in this arena? Never, never take anything at face value. It’s so easy to be an “expert” these days. You write a few articles, and bam, your the “expert” on healthcare and medicine, or your the “expert” on sports and fitness and so on and so forth. I will tell you right now. I am no expert, I only want to open up the conversations on these issues. Others failures are the absolute best way to learn. From this conversation you might learn don’t feed your child bleach. Hopefully you already knew that but it was a mothers failure that can help reinforce it.

I do believe in alternative healing therapies. Granted I call it alternative, but I believe it’s really as simple as sticking to a healthy diet of living natural organic foods. With that, we could probably wipe out over half of all medical problems. Easier said then done. Food can act like a drug to us, especially the standard american diet, it plays our own mind against us sometimes. It’s the cause and the cure of what ails us. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once wrote, Let food be thy medicines and medicine be thy food. This was a man who lived to his 90’s when the average life span was half that. These are the “cures” we should search out. Not foods and medicines that kill but ones that live and heal. Not processed but natural.

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