Blowing It Scenario #25-Military Added 4000 Names To Gun Ownership Ban After An Attack.

It Was Only After One Of Their Own Forced Their Hand. When He Went On A Killing Spree In A Church In Texas.

In November of last year an ex U.S. Airmen went on a killing spree during a church service in Texas. We won’t say his name because quite frankly he doesn’t deserve to ever be part of the american consciousness. His memory and all like him, should be scrubbed from history. Every mass shooter should never have their name released in the news or their photo. They should be ghost. Worthless humans who tried to make a name for themselves in the worst way possible.

Somehow gun control has been the biggest hot button issue in the U.S. for thirty some odd years now. Yet we still can’t seem to get it right. Sure people should have the right to own guns. But their should be a very stringent psychological test, followed by an extremely through background check, followed by a mandatory gun school training program. We also┬áneed to monitor ammunition purchases like we do with fertilizer or cough medicines. It’s a red flag that should be accounted for. And here’s the kicker, every single gun serial number should be tied to that owner, so if your gun is involved in a crime. Then that gun owner should be held responsible for that crime. How’s that for responsible ownership? Guns would be locked up so tight they would never see the light of day. When the owner wanted to take it out. I guarantee he or she would keep a very close watch on that.

After the last mass shooting by one of their own. The military have finally removed over 4000 other names from the gun registry list. All names deemed unfit for gun ownership. Names that were never added to the system prior and could freely purchase guns to do whatever they please with. Men and women who were trained for combat but were too unstable or violent for the military, could have purchased guns. Because their paperwork was not filed by the military. Not to mention the person who shot people in the church in Texas. His name was on that list that was never filled. He should have never been able to purchase the gun he used.

All I’m saying it doesn’t end with just the military. I’m all for responsible gun ownership. Any responsible person would and should submit to stricter gun purchasing laws. Half of the people who go on mass shooting sprees have no criminal background. So what good is a background check then? We need more then just that. We need to weed out the psychologically unstable and the violent as well. We’re the only country in the world who has consistent displays of this kind of senseless violence. Let’s do more to prevent it. At least the military wised up and started to work towards future prevention.

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