Blowing It Scenario #20-Military Parades

Nothing Says Peace And Love Like A Couple Of Nukes Driving Down Central Avenue.

I’m not one for militaristic displays of power. This, “mines bigger then yours” mentality. Why don’t we get our junk out and measure that while we’re at it. What is the real point? Is it to rally the country behind the spectacle? I do believe everyone in the country is already in full support of our troops and thankful for their sacrifices. Is it to display one person’s glory? That they can set out with this might and conquer the world. Or is it to get more recruits to the cause? I really don’t know the answer.

When I think of these parades it always brings up haunting memories of the old dictatorships. Hitler, Stalin, Lennon, those guys sure could put on a show. All were very good at displaying their power to the world through parades and propaganda. And then they went on to display that power in the form of war around the world. Most of us were fortunate enough to not have to witness the atrocities of that era. But as the last of those who had to suffer through that time, die off. The great forgetting begins, no one that was around then, has the platform any more and if we don’t know our history, we could be doomed to repeat it.

We already have attacks on free speech in the form of what powerful people call fake news. If it’s not agreeable it’s fake, right? However, in our current news environment, how are we suppose to get real news? When all of our news outlets are owned by about 5 major networks. News is only referred to as propaganda when it’s owned by 1 government body. Yet we’re strikingly close to that. We could be told anything and believe it. Heck, I’m writing this article because the news told me that our president might bring back military parades. It could be a 100% news fabrication for all I know. The way we receive news can only get more obstructed in the future. Since an un-elected government body struck down Net Neutrality. Opening the way for about 4 major companies to control what your able to view on the web. It seems like the FCC thinks it’s the Supreme Court. Just a handful of people making laws and rules that effect every area of our lives. Never with any ulterior motives. The FCC chairmen, didn’t recently work for a major company that stands to gain the most from his actions in government. No conflict of interest there, that I can see. Now if you haven’t noticed these last few remarks are sarcastic in tone, and I digress.

Parades are wonderful when done right. You bring the family out with lawn chairs and blankets to sit on the side walk. While well designed floats carrying beauty queens and grand marshal’s, line the streets. Others don fun festive costumes. Candy and trinkets are thrown to the audience, while marching bands march and dancers put on a exquisitely choreographed display in procession. Or parades where giant balloon floats are carried through the streets to celebrate giving thanks for all that we have. Why do we need anymore then this? These are the parades of my generations. The ones I love. The ones of peace, joy, and togetherness.

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