Blowing It Scenario #16-Flu Season, A Failure To Defend Ourselves Against The Virus.

Flu Season Has Been Busy This Year.

I have luckily enough been one of the fortunate ones this year and I haven’t been sick. But if you are one of the thousands who failed to avoid the illness, you know it’s been a rough season. However, silver lining, it has been a great year for the virus itself. I should mention I’m no doctor, so I’m also in no position to be shelling out advice. And I imagine if I was a doctor, I would probably have my hands full right now. But let’s discuss the flu and our many failures to defend against it.

First off the flu vaccine. I get the concept of microdosing to build up your body’s immune system to better defend itself against virus. But you are literally giving yourself a small dose of the flu. At least that’s how it’s been explained to me. On top of that their are many different strains of a virus. How are you to be certain your defending yourself against the correct flu bug? I’ve taken it once in my life and it was the one year I actually got very sick. It may work for a majority of the people that use it, but I choose to let my body build it’s defenses the natural way. If you stay healthy and clean you just might be giving yourself a fighting chance.

Second line of defense towards prevention is cleanliness. An area I think we vastly fail in. I want to talk about the common handshake for a minute. I know its a personal touch toward connecting with another person and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But why can’t eye contact and a head nod work just the same? Listen folks, I’m a man, and let me tell you men are disgusting creatures. I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve been in the men’s room and I’ll hear crickets from the faucets as the fading steps grow fainter and the door echoes the cringe worthy sound that another one of our revolting species just failed to wash their hands. Now I’m expected to go shake hands with this individual? Maybe women do it too but we need to be able to avoid the handshake with out coming across as a horrible person when we do.

Next, if your sick, stay home don’t be a hero. I know that is incredibly difficult to do and society doesn’t make it any easier. Employers don’t always have the most sympathy. If your child is sick, finding someone to watch them is difficult and so and on. What I’m talking about is the manageable tasks. The stuff you can get to another day. The post office visit, the dining out, maybe cutting out your cycle class or chest day at the gym. Another major cesspool of germs. I’m an advocate for getting in shape, but their isn’t a much better place then a gym, for those happy viruses to grow and get strong along with you. That nice warm and damp gym, where hundreds of people share the same equipment. That’s not the best breeding ground, if their ever was one.

It may sound like I’m being a bit of a germaphob at this point. I assure you it’s quite the opposite. Bacteria is everywhere there is no avoiding it. Bacteria cells in the human body, some say, actually outnumber our own cells. It’s simply part of us. So we should surround ourselves with the good natural bacteria nature provides. Only use antibiotics as a last resort. Because if you have enough good bacteria it will defend itself and you against the bad. Nature abhors a vacuum so when your body and immune system is deficient, something will come to fill its place. It’s prime ground for illness to take shape. I believe if we keep ourselves healthy by getting the proper bacteria into and around our bodies. Which you can get from eating organic fruits and vegetables along with drinking fermented beverages or eating fermented foods. Also, we can stay cognizant of others and keep our space, quarantine ourselves when sick. If we need to be out, lets at the very least cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze. Just try not to use your hands when you do, but if must, be sure to wash up frequently and keep them clean, you may just have to shake with those things later.

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