Think And Grow Rich #156.

You Will Accomplish Zero By Applying The Think and Grow Rich Principle. Thoughts Without Action Will Render Nothing. Think As Much As You Want. Than Go Ahead And Multiple That Thinking By A Billion. The Math Will Always Add Up The Same. Zero Times Anything Is Still Zero.

We love to eat up the notion brought forth by new age movement. That we can literally think our way to riches. An idea made popular by Napoleon Hill in his seminal work Think and Grow Rich.

It’s such an easily romanticized idea. If we just keep our minds fixated on something that we truly want we will eventually magically receive it. Books like the secret, the answer. All books based on this notion. I’d like to know how many have actually put this to the test to no avail?

Many Self Help Gurus Espouse The Same Information.

It’s simply regurgitated from one to the next over and over again. Law of attraction they call it, as if its innate in nature. One of the natural laws similar to gravity. Yet many of these so called gurus make their living by simply copying and pasting this overused unoriginal concept. They just pick the low hanging fruit and eventually get there wealth by telling other people it’s just that easy.

I once bought into to the lies of Napoleon. I’ve tried many affirmations. At one point for three months straight I set an alarm for every hour of the day and when that alarm went off, I would say my affirmations. It seems crazy but I wanted to test the validity.

All it got me was disappointment with my current life. No magical blessing of what I was asking the universe for, no handouts, nothing. As a matter of fact, the more I thought of these things, the further I seemed to push them away. I lost quite a bit trying to reaffirm them in life. I did not think and grow rich. It’s funny how that works you chase something so hard you sometimes ultimately end up pushing it further away.

The Lies Of Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich
Think And Grow Rich

It wasn’t until I read about the real Napoleon Hill that it all clicked. The man was a complete fraud, a huckster and a swindler, a true charlatan. He would start fraudulent businesses and steal money from people. It wasn’t until he wrote “Think And Grow Rich” that he made an honest dollar and even than none of it was honest.

There Is No Proof Of Napoleon Hill Ever Meeting Andrew Carnegie.

The validity of this book was predicated on the notion that the information was coming from an individual who reached the upper echelon in life and business. Hill’s claim to have studied the wealthy and that he was hired and taught all this by Andrew Carnegie, one of the most wealthy men in history was a complete lie. There is no record anywhere of Hill ever meeting Carnegie a claim Hill started making ten years after the death of Carnegie. If you ever want to dig deeper into it I suggest reading The Untold Story Of Napoleon Hill.

This Is Not To Say Mind Isn’t A Powerful Tool That Doesn’t Play A Role In Your Growth.

Mental training is a huge part of success. It just coincides with the work. It can be as simple as belief in yourself that you can achieve what you want. And than go out and do it and keep doing it till one day like magic you achieve your desires. Where the body goes the mind will follow. Just do and don’t stop doing. Do not wait for some spark or try to think your way to motivation. Just keep working.

The Work Ethic Of Drew Brees.

If you were fortunate enough to catch Drew Brees (one of the greatest quarter backs in NFL history) a man that by all means was never supposed to make it in the NFL. He was too short for the position and to add to that he had a near career ending injury and the team that drafted him thought he was done and traded him away because of it. But he worked incredibly hard to get back on top and ultimately would break the all time passing yards record.

No other quarterback has ever done what he has done and the first thing he did when he broke the record was he went over to his family grabbed sons and simply gave them the best one line piece of advice you could give anyone. He said “how about that huh boys? I love you guys so much. Hey, you can accomplish anything in life if you’re willing to work for it, right.” And there in lies “the answer.” “The secret” is hidden in plain sight. Are you willing to work for it?

It’s Not Some Lazy Magic Pill Of Thinking Your Way To Growth.

Many of these self help books do in fact actually help a lot of people. But only if you use them to take action and continue to do so every single day. Dreams are just dreams until you build them and plans are simply plans until you follow through with them. It’s not until you put in the work that nature begins to reward. You start with an idea, than once you build it, you can “think” your way to enhancements. The mind can then sharpen the tools that are already in service.

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