Robbing Another’s Trust #151.

Trust Is A Gift We Give To Those Who Earn It. It Technically Doesn’t Cost A Thing. So If We Give It Freely, How Can It Be Stolen From Us?

Betrayal of trust is one of the hardest things we must endure. It is so much harder to repair when lost or stolen then any material good. The thieves come in many forms.

They can be actual thieves that break in to your home, and steal your trust of having a safe home. It can be the break down of a vehicle that has never before let you down.

Body Betrayal.

This can also happen when your body breaks down. Medical ailments can shake the foundations of the once very trustworthy body you have claim to or a strong loved ones body failing.


It can be a con artist that steals your trust in helpful strangers. It can come in the form of horribly selfish individuals that steal your trust in mankind. Most trust betrayals are exactly that, selfish acts.

Loved One’s Stealing.

However more often then anything else the thefts come from the ones we love most. Its the people and things who managed to get closet to us. Those we have given all access to our trust, that can rob us blind.

They usually have done more than enough to earn it. That’s why it’s so hard to recoup it when another destroys it. It comes in many different forms from loved ones as well.

A Cheating Spouse.

Will rob you of your trust in faithfulness.

A difficult child may rob you of your trust in having children.

One of the most insidious trust betrayals is trust in love. When you believe to have the love of another individual and they take that love away. That is probably the hardest to come back from. But it’s possible, not all people are the same and very few actually want to steal your trust.

I’ve been on both side of the coin. I’ve been the thief and the patsy. And let me tell you, every time trust plays a roll, you feel horrible no matter the side. Unless you are a true sociopath.

Repair Within.

Trust can be rebuilt, maybe not with the same individuals or the same things that you once trusted in. But there is hope.

Photo by Anastasia Sklyar on Unsplash

Frustratingly there are no easy fixes, it takes time to repair the damages. The best we can do is to not give up. All humanity is not lost and others should be given a chance. Try to do things differently next time around.

Keep giving it to those who earn it. They just may have to work a little harder for it. And if they give up easily on that journey they would have done the same had you given them your trust earlier on.

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