Why Not Attitude (Blowing It Scenario #146).

Decisions Made In The Absence Of A Why.

If I asked you why you would do something, maybe I gave you an irresponsible choice. And you responded with, “why not?” It would be a somewhat aggressive stance to take against finding your why.

One of the ways it’s the right choice is if you are potentially looking to find your why and asking yourself why not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Scan your mind to find the answer why not to do some. In doing so you are separating the two, why, and not. First find the why, and if it leads you to a not, you will have the information needed to steer clear of any given task. But start with why, simply ending at why not is hardly an answer. Why not, can tend to be a diminishing stance that works on the negative, a diminutive argument that avoids the positive growth question of why. If you’re committing damaging acts all around you as well as within you, to your mind, body, spirit and to property as well as those around you and your carefree answer to it all is why not. You are aimless in your pursuits, not only aimless you are destructive. Like a driver asleep behind the wheel. It’s only a matter of time before you crash. Better hope that when you do, you don’t take anyone else down with you. Or better yet just wake up and start going the right direction.

There is only one positive side to why not, and that is if there are so many whys that you simply cannot find a reason not to. A friend ask to travel the world with them, your answer may be, “absolutely, why not.” In your heart you know the positives out way the negative but an answer may arise that leads you to why you cannot go. Possibly don’t have the finances for it, or don’t have the time for it. This is an example of you actively looking for a reason not to do something in this case you are operating in full use of the why not question to find your not. But if you find there’s a strong enough why, you will move heaven and earth just to get to it.

If you haven’t noticed yet I used over twenty whys in this article. That was by design, use the word often, allow it to be a guide, avoid its avoidance, Follow your why and you and the world around you will beat a path to straight to it.

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