Zero Leverage (Blowing it Scenario #141).

You Can’t Expect To Change An Outcome Or Lift A Heavy Load Without Leverage.

A recent strike of the operators union in my home state has shut down a lot of construction. While it was going on, I overheard a construction worker say he doesn’t imagine it will last long. He assumed when the operators bills come due they’ll need to accept what they get and go back to work. He believed that the fact that they have house payments, car payments, credit card payments, etc. that they wouldn’t be able to hold out long to get what they truly want. And that got me thinking; sadly, that is the way of life for most people.

When we’re leveraged to the hilt with debt we have absolutely zero leverage everywhere else in life to challenge the status quo. Maybe our economy was designed that way, to give workers just enough to get by, and stay somewhat content. Employers don’t want employees trying to rock the boat or make any changes that may benefit the worker but cost the employer. So the more debt you acquire the better it is for the employer. You will do anything and everything to keep that job. Never strike, never rise up against them, never ask for anything you think is beyond what you deserve. And since you have settled, the likelihood of you asking for more is slim to none and employers know this. It’s why some employers want your financial history statement before you start work. So employers will encourage you to buy that house buy that car on credit. They will tell you that you will do so well under the employ; that you deserve to treat yourself now because you’ll be able to afford it later. Than when you want change you’ll be heavily under their thumb.

A life without debt gives you leverage, wealth gives you leverage, the more skills you acquire gives you leverage. If you are stuck in a job that you feel you can’t get out of, learn more skills. Make yourself unexpendable so you have leverage to negotiate more within that system. Within any system, be it a relationship, work or personal. Learn new skills in order to completely control the paradigm or leave that rat race behind. Start a business, be your own boss. Stay out of personal debt. Give yourself true leverage, only then will you begin to move heaven and earth to get to where you truly want to be.

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