Illogicality (Blowing It Scenario #138)

Be Logical In All Your Reasoning. But Be Unreasonable In Your Ambitious Pursuits. It’s Only Logical.

What’s wrong with speaking our truths simply, succinctly, and logically? We need to use logic to not only solve problems but to convey what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is not logical to blindly believe in something after history, science, and evolution have proven it to be wrong. Logic is taking all the seemingly random pieces of the puzzle and systematically putting them together to a conceptually sound point. Than relaying that information to the world at large.

It is illogical to reward bad behavior. If a child is hurting there sibling you do not reward them with candy. If an adult is habitually damaging their body or their life with no repentance or work towards improvement you don’t reward them with free financial benefits or replacement parts they have already damaged. If someone can’t maintain their own home, you don’t go and buy them a new house, it’s simply not logical. It is illogical to add complexity to simplicity. If you can get somewhere in life or in geographical terms in two moves, why would you take twelve to get there? It’s wasteful and illogical. Unless you’re doing it to take the scenic route or for the pure enjoyment of the added effort.

Logic is the fabric of our universe, everything works in tandem with explainable laws. If it’s not a law, than it’s theory. And in theory we need to be illogical at times to reach a far reaching conclusion. Because that which may seem logical to us at one point could be upended by new illogical information that in time is essentially far more logical. You have to sometimes be the judge of what makes most sense to you. The same goes with starting a new venture or that of ambitious pursuits. Logic would say play it safe, while risk would be illogical. But that is the time best suited for illogicality. We must take risk from time to time to build our resolve, to grow and improve. So use logic often but also know when it’s time to take risk.

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