Pesticides (Blowing It Scenario #135).

EPA Just Now Band A Pesticide That Has Been Proven To Cause Learning Disabilities.

An article came out recently that the EPA banned a chemical pesticide called chlorpyrifos, a substance known to cause learning disabilities. How is this even possible that something so heinous could weave its way into our food system? Let alone just now be picked up by the food and drug administration? It leaves you questioning what other toxic products have been slipped into our everyday meals?

I feel it’s high time we start labeling food with what it’s been treated with, where it was grown, maybe even soil content. I for one would like to know what I’m putting into my body. Organic matter is not like Oreos where you know you’re serving up your body a blast of chemicals and sugar and that is your choice. With fruits and veggies you naturally assume they are good and wholesome for you. What other ingredients are in an apple other than apple? But if they are saturated in ill reputable chemical sludge, how are we to know other than relying on the EPA to finally ban such a substance?

Each and every fruit or vegetable should have a list of ingredients of sorts. The list should include the name of the farm where it was grown, how it was grown, and its mineral content and what chemicals were sprayed on the plants and its soil. These chemicals are all absorbed by the plants and then transferred into the next organism that ingests this material. Inducing in some, instances of erratic decay of both the plant and the animal or human who consumes these products.

Let us know all that is in our food and we can then be the judge if we want to partake in such pernicious consumptions. I don’t feel that is too much to ask especially when it is known that some of these chemicals can cause learning disabilities, health issues, even cancer. Stop the degradation of our food sources. And rebuild a healthier you and planet.

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