Stand Your Ground Laws (Blowing It Scenario #129)

If You’re Able To Kill Someone After Provoking A Fight With Them, There Is Something Inherently Wrong With That Law.

Last week a gentleman in Florida provoked a fight with a couple who parked in a handicap spot. The couple who had young children in the car were approached by a man upset about their choice to park in that spot. I’m guessing they parked there in order to save time even though there was open spots closer to the front door. Or they didn’t notice it was for hanficap individuals. The couple was not handicap nor did they require handicap parking which they absolutely should have not used it as a parking spot no matter what their reasoning. No non handicap person should ever park in those spots. They are there for a reason, as convenience for those who need it most. That was their first mistake.

The man who drove the vehicle was in the store with one of his children getting snacks when he was alerted to the man fighting with the mother of his children out front. In a very ill advised move, the father stormed out of the store and ran over to shove the man causing issue with the mother. That was his second and most costly mistake. Never ever approach an irate individual who is clearly looking to goad another into a fight and immediately engage him in that fight. Allow cooler heads to prevail and ask him how we can improve the situation at hand. After the first shove, the man on the ground immediately pulled a gun from his pocket and shot the father in the chest. Even though the father seemed to yield after shoving the other man.

This man who provoked the fight in the first place who also ended it by ending another mans life. It seemed as if he was actively looking for an excuse to shoot someone and he found it by enticing another to fight him. A notion proven by another non handicap individual who parked in that same a few weeks before and said that same man engaged him and threatened him to shoot him for parking there. Now the man who killed the individual and threatened others will not be charged with any crime because he is compliant with Florida’s stand your ground gun laws. I don’t think it’s off base to believe aspects of certain laws that allow others to kill people legally need some form of ratification in order to limit the power of those who begin the dispute. These individuals must face the consequences of their actions. That man could have just brandished the gun and the fight would have ceased, lessons still would have been learned. But pulling the trigger is an action with finality to it. Leaving no options for the individual who may have made a mistake to correct that mistake. It also removed a young father from his children’s lives. In the stand your ground law it always seems to be the individuals who intiate that mortally retaliate. This has to change.

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