Ungrateful, Lack Of Gratitude (Blowing It Scenario #122)

Be Thankful For What You Have.

Sometimes this can be strewn as complacency. We sometimes believe if we’re not striving to obtain more we’re too complacent. We’re taught to want more and in that state of desire for more we can lose sight of the gratitude for what we already have. Complexity can sometimes breed contempt while simplicity can often breed a sense of gratitude for what little we may have. Shed your layers down to essentials and when you do so you’ll find you have more gratitude for what you already have. Air in your lungs, a working heart and mind, freely available water, edible vegetation that also produces that air we breathe, sun and the rain fall that nourishes us and our vegetation, people close to us, friends, family and loved ones, and the love and generosity they show to us. Any form of shelter that can protect you from the elements should suffice for gratitude.┬áBe sure to let all things know you are grateful for them. Yes even the inanimate objects. this is more for you, and less for them obviously. It demonstrates you are thankful for all things. It’s often those who grow up with the least that are so grateful for the littlest things.

Most self help “gurus” will suggest you focus on what your grateful for a few minutes in the morning. Than right afterwards they’ll have you focus on what you want you to achieve. The big house and fancy car maybe you own a jet in this fantasy and you travel the world all without ever really visualizing doing any real work for others. It’s so contradictory to gratitude it’s a baffling oversight of self help. This very action of visualization will naturally create and harbor some form of contempt for your current life. And if you’re ungrateful now what makes you think that will change when you have all the toys in the world? The mansions, the Bentley’s, the yacht, the Gulfstream. You won’t be more grateful, you’ll just continue to want more.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to strive for more. But instead of making it selfish desire, why not be grateful for all that you currently have and than work towards making people’s lives around you better. Give others a reason to be grateful and in doing so you’ll grow organically and each step along the way you’ll be grateful for all that you have and all that you receive.

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