Curse Of Knowledge Blowing It Scenario #119).

This Is When You Are Knowledgeable In A Particular Subject Or Have Some Form Heightened Understanding. Sometimes When You Know Something And Grasp It, It Can Have An Adverse Effect On You. You’re Cursed In The Sense You Believe Everyone Carries This Same Knowledge.

You become handicapped by this belief and don’t utilize your abilities to there fullest. This is really a tough one and if we’re not over confident in a particular area, I believe we can and have all fallen prey to it without ever really knowing it. And that is where the curse begins, you withhold your knowledge in the belief no one could possibly want or need this because I know how to do it, and if I know I’m sure everyone else knows.

It slightly falls in line with impostor syndrome where when you begin a new specialized task and because you aren’t quite an expert you feel like an impostor. You feel at every turn you’ll be exposed for the fraud you think you are in that moment. Either fake it till you make it or believe in yourself. Because here’s the catch everyone is slightly uncertain and people do want and need your knowledge. No one has all the answers. Discover what your knowledgeable in and teach others. Or use that knowledge to help others. Those services are highly valuable and coveted by many who don’t already possess them or have the time to acquire them.

Try not to be over confident to the point of cockiness but stay highly confident in your abilities to the point that you don’t get trapped in the curse. I fall victim to this curse all the time. After building this website friends would say why don’t you build websites for others and I would say I figured out how to do it pretty easily others will have the same abilities. Every time I write I think everyone already knows this stuff why reiterate it. But I do it anyway because I could be wrong maybe it is new useful knowledge. Everything we do can be useful to someone else. We just have to find those things and believe we are necessary to growth.

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