Impulsivity (Blowing It Scenario #117).

A Lack Of Proper Judgment And Restraint In Decision Making.

Boy is this one fun though. It’s fun to be impulsive at times to just fly out to a new destination on a whim, kiss the girl of your dreams, buy the car you’ve always wanted, go cliff diving, . The problem is not in the doing of these things. Doing can add much reward to your life. It’s the not thinking them through first that can come back to hurt us. It’s a gamble that you are taking a leap in the right direction. Sometimes it pays off immensely, sometimes it fails miserably.

I feel I’m impulsive all the time but that impulsivity comes from long thought out ideas over time and when opportunity presents itself, you must act quickly. If you have a goal set to visit every continent and than you purchase a ticket to South America on whim one day, that’s an impulsive act in the moment. But in actuality it’s been part of a plan all along. The opportunity came and instead of neglecting it or putting it on the back burner for later, you pull the trigger on it. It may seem impulsive at the time but technically this is not impulsive behavior at all but it can feel that way. It’s very decisive behavior. It’s the, I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it now mentality. This is highly beneficial when thought through. However it can be highly detrimental and can have major consequences if you have not thought it through or if your thought process is focused on the negative or the material. Or if your impulsions involves someone else and they don’t want to be a part of it. This is where you can potentially do harm to yourself and others. Steer clear of this if you can.

It’s really quite simple, just think before you act. If you going to make impulsive acts, plan them out long before they happen so in that moment you’ll know exactly what you want and won’t have to over think it. Make them decisive acts. Keep it all positive and optimistic and choose decisive acts that will enrich your lives and the lives of those around you.

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