Blowing It Scenario #110-Government Red Tape

Do We Really “Own” Anything?

Or is it all an illusion? A carefully crafted faced to give us the assumption that we own our lives. Want to drive a car? You have to pay the government for that right. Want to own a house? Same deal there, you’ll pay property taxes annually. Miss a payment of just one cent and they can take that home away from you. Forget to pay for your car tabs and you can bet the day they expire a government employee with flashing red and blue lights on his vehicle will be pulling you over and providing you with an addition government payment in the form of a fine.

Looking to start a business you better believe the government wants that too. Right from the onset before you even make a dollar you’ll have to pay to register the name, than you must pay to register business itself. Depending on what type of business it is, you could be paying much more for business endorsements on top of everything else. Maybe you’ll be required to be bonded and insured. Care to hire employees? That’s an additional expense too. And those employees get to pay there fair share too, just for the right to be employed.

Want to build a structure on “your land?” You’ll have to ask for permission from you local regulatory office for that right. You’ll find out quickly that there are many rules and regulations of what you can and cannot do to your “own land.” If you are granted permission, congratulations you now get to pay for permit fees to make the government approved changes to said land. On top of that there going to send someone out to check on the progress. If they find anything off about the build they’ll issue fines and make you redo the work or in some instances tear it all down.

Every individual is owned by there corresponding government. Care to travel, well you will have to pay for a world travel permit for that. Want to live abroad in another country? You’ll need permission and will most likely have to pay for that right. If you make money while abroad you will still most likely be required to pay taxes in your home country. Want citizenship elsewhere, well you have to renounce your home country in order to do so.

All this being said, our countries do provide us with many amenities to keep us safe and happy in our illusion. We have roads to get to where we have to go, we have the ability to live where we want to live and for the most part, how we want to live. We can still travel the world and we get to come back to the place we call home. It’s all a small price to pay in the end, just know that you are paying it.

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