Blowing It Scenario #105-Assumptions.

What’s That Old Saying? “When You Assume Something, You Make An “Ass” Of Both “U” And “Me””

It’s a ridiculous statement but there are some truths to it. Assumptions are pure guess work that you deduce through personal biases. Depending on what we assume, we could be setting ourselves free or shackling ourselves to ideas that are massive hindrances to our progress.

We’ll tend to assume another persons emotions. Sometimes we’ll assume their desires, what we think they want or don’t want. If you always assume no one could ever be into you, or no one will ever want what you’re offering. Your actions will manifest those feelings. And you’ll never take action to counteract those assumptions. You’ll simply go through life assuming that the glass is half empty and no one will ever fill it up. It’s what gets us into trouble with relationships, work and life in general. If we assume our partner is feeling a certain way, we could be completely neglecting their true emotions.

Not all assumption are bad but wouldn’t you rather know instead of having to guess. Instead of assuming we could just ask for what we want or how another person feels. There is another old saying “if you don’t a-s-k you don’t g-e-t,” It’s silly but true. If you don’t ask for what you want or what you assume others want from you. You’ll never receive what you need, be it companionship, information, sales, help, etc.

That being said, there are some blind assumption that can be positive and keep you on a path you would normally divert from had you not made those false positive assumptions. If you assume great things will come your way, you’ll probably be on the receiving end of great things from time to time. However that could also set you up for disappointment too. If you assume nothing, everything that comes to you is a gift, not just the great things. If I were to assume that these words I write are completely worthless and they hold no value in anyone’s eye, I may have stopped at article one. But if I assume the contrary, I might continue on writing forever in the hopes this reaches you and provides you value. That can be a benefit of assumption. There will always be both a negative and a positive to the equation. But when you frame assumption in a positive light you can keep going through adversity in the hopes of being right later on down the road.

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