Blowing It Scenario #56-Giving Another All Your Power.

A Failure Of The Heart.

My uncle recently dispelled some powerful knowledge to me. Knowledge he once received from a therapist. That therapist said, “the person who wants a relationship the least, holds all the power.” What a profoundly truthful statement that is, sad but true. We often think if we give another our all, nothing could ever possibly go wrong, that love will be reciprocated and we’ll all live happily ever after. And sometimes this is the case but quite often it’s not. However don’t go sheltering yourself just because the possibility of failure looms.

Relationships need balance. It takes two giving their all and when both parties agree to this, you have the makings of incredible life partner. Other times a relationship may fall out of balance and when they do their are a few options you can implement in the hopes of restoration. Some of you may not like these options but they often work. There is a lesson in sociology that I once learned while taking a course titled interpersonal relationships. This sociology lesson is somewhat of a relationship guide called the Telly Line. The Telly Line is an imaginary line that’s between both parties in all relationships. It’s the line that dictates the balance between the two. When you are both directly on the line across from each other you are in perfect harmony, a symbol of love, respect and happiness. However it starts to get interesting once that balance is removed and one of the participants moves away from the line. The one who moved away, now holds all the power. But understanding this we can make adjustments and correct the imbalance. When a loved one moves away from you on the line, your heart may tell you to keep pushing forward, push harder, stay after that person, get even closer to the Telly Line. But psychology tells us otherwise. This often pushes them further away. Now depending on how far removed one is from the Telly Line, there is one option, the other can begin coarse correction by pulling away themselves. This not only restores balance when you move further away, it may also draw your counterpart back closer to the line.

However sometimes in life some are so far removed that their is no coming back. That’s a rare case and when those happen we just have to let that person go. Relationships constantly ebb and flow there’s always a give and take. Knowing that the Telly Line exist can help you when you feel the need for a relationship adjustment. Just don’t go playing games with someone’s heart with this information because such a thing would be truly heartless. Just find the right balance and you’ll have a happy, healthy, loving life together.

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