Blowing It Scenario #64-Believing Your Own Hype.

Don’t Believe The Hype.

In the age where everything is posted on the internet, we can find information on just about every subject matter that will either fully support our beliefs or fully disprove them. Yet we buy into these beliefs so fervently that we sometimes refuse to see other people’s truths. Doesn’t matter what it is, you could believe the world is flat and aliens live among us. And you could find “facts” and data to support this hypothesis. It’s just how we interpret the world that tells us that’s right or wrong. But don’t allow yourself to get so polarized in your views that you create a prison of belief around you.

Beliefs are good to have, stay strong in them, but also be pliable in your belief systems. I had a professor in college once demonstrate the power of polarizing beliefs in class one day. Without any of us knowing, not even the poor girl who became the test subject that day. He began engaging her in a topic most get very polarized in, religion. It started out nice and seemed well intended at first, asking niceties about her religious background but as he began to disagree with her beliefs and started to break them down. Cracks began to show, dissension arose and a full out screaming match developed in front of us (the teacher never rose his voice) her relationship with that teacher became forever fractured, never to recover. That was the last day we ever saw that girl in class, she dropped it the next day. But if she could have stayed open and excepting to others beliefs even though he doesn’t share the same views. She could have learned one of the most valuable lessons in interacting with others. That we can never change another person’s beliefs until we can see it from their perspective. When we accept that their truth is also just as valid. We than, and only then can begin to suggest other possible truths.

We don’t always have all the answers. I especially don’t, I write everyday about beliefs but I want these beliefs to be challenged. We need to simply be students of the world, learning as much as we possibly can from better educated then ourselves and passing on the knowledge we have gained. Right or wrong I stay flexible and if better information comes along I had previously missed. I’m surely going to listen and develop my own new conclusions. Just please stay open to all possibilities, poor world views along with opposing views can start wars between friends and family and world leaders. Some that may never heal. Try not to simply just believe your own hype, take others into account too.

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