Avoiding Boredom #183.

Welcome Boredom, Embrace The Suck Of Life And Be Rewarded.

All to often we will do anything within our capabilities in order to avoid getting bored, it’s boredom avoidance. And it’s a system that is made all to easy to fall into. By constant entertainment that is always within arms reach. All we need to do is press our hands in to our pockets or purses. To find that little miracle entertainment machine we call a smart phone.

Our Boredom Avoidance.

Bored in line, grab the smart phone. Bored at the dinner table, grab the smart phone. Or if you’re bored in conversation, you guessed it, smart phone saves the day again. Heck even when we get bored with digital entertainment we’ll grab a different digital device to entertain us from entertainment. This is not to say it’s wrong to use these devices. The point I’m making is it’s far too easy to escape. And when we have such easy access to make these escapes. We tend to choose them over almost all other things boredom especially. But boredom is where progress is made.

Boredom Distraction
Photo by Stephen Petrey on Unsplash

Why We Embrace The Boredom.

Writing is not necessarily always stimulating but the more I do it, the more I progress in the discipline. And with those progressions the better I get and hopefully the more people I might reach. Within that reach, maybe these words affect other individuals in a positive way. It’s the same for all disciplines, all growth, all work.

Like the coder who stays up late in front of the computer. Or the football player practicing foot work and timing or the perfect spiral. Each line of code, each pass of the football may become monotonous and mundane. But if you can become repetitious and comfortable in that mode. Where you can accept and embrace the boredom of it all. As well as the times where it just plain sucks, you have the potential to become great. So be bored and find a way to love it because great things can happen in that realm. Progress is boring sometimes, celebrate that fact.

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